SGH Doctors Mess is run for doctors, by doctors!

We have a large common room (the mess!) in Southampton General Hospital on B level next to the canteen, exclusively for members!

Our mess is equipped with a kitchen, coffee maker, large flatscreen TV with Netflix & Sky, NHS computers, new leather sofas, a table tennis, table football, and pool table! We have free food delivered regularly and FREE PIZZA delivered EVERY TUESDAY & FRIDAY for lunch!

We organise a variety of monthly payday socials free for members (COVID-allowing), including everything from nights out (with money behind the bar), BBQs, bowling, dinners, and much more! Big events not to be missed are our annual Christmas Ball, Spring Ball, annual Summer Boat Party and annual quiz show with the SGH consultants called Universally Challenged!

Members get all this for £10 a month - one of the cheapest in the UK! See any committee member for further details and if you want to join, click the button to the right!

Doctors' Mess WhatsApp Group

We have a Doctors' Mess Whatsapp Group, to allow us to share updates from the mess and advertise events. 

If you want to be part of this group please fill in the form below:

WhatsApp Group

Your Mess Committee 2020/21

Co-Presidents: Darshni Pandya & Laurence Baker

Treasurer: Sahil Shah

Secretary: Faisal Alani

F1 Representatives: Gargi Samarth, Yasmin Khan, Mehak Malhotra

F2 Representatives: Adnaan Ghanchi, Elsie Hunter

CT1 Representatives: Daniel Hancock, Dilan Sanli, Jagrati Chopra

CT2 Representatives: Aaron Punnen, Annie Dixey, Kala Kumaresan